Hello little angel and welcome on LivingEdya ♥

My name is Edya, the proud creator and owner of this blog. Nice to meet you!


Want to know more about me?
I’m from Madagascar but I spent most of my childhood in France because I moved there when I was 5. I grew up surrounded by those that I loved. After the loss of someone important, my life changed dramatically.
We moved a few times and during this period, a passion for fashion, beauty and writing came to me.


4 years after, on the 21th of April 2015, I decided to create one of my major hobby.

It took me so much time to realize I had to do it, but you know what? It’s nothing because I’m so happy that I did.

LivingEdya is my baby. I created it because I wanted to share my knowledge, thoughts, tips, favourites, pictures, more broadly my life.


“Life is too short to not enjoy it, so do everything you possibily can in a lifetime”

Just to remind you, you are amazing!

Enjoy your visit and see you soon on LivingEdya ♥




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