Well, hello you.

8 months without writing anything. So many things happenned after such a long absence. These days were not the happiest and kindest to me but it’s finally time to turn a new page and start over again.

Today I’m finally turning 17 and I have so many things to tell you; I don’t know where to start.
First, it’s such a weird feeling to write again. I tried so many times to write something cohesive in the past months but nothing was good enough. The truth is that being behind a computer and exposing my feelings in an article viewable online by everyone is kinda strange and tricky, I guess.
But being back on LivingEdya makes me so happy and complete since writing is a necessity to me and my blog has always been an escape. It is a blank canvas where all my projects can come alive in a beautiful masterpiece.

These 8 months changed me for the better.
I’ll not go deeper into details but the world changes when you are at a different stage of life. Obviously I’m only 17 so I can’t tell you how great or how bad life is because I did not livemy life to the fullest to give you an overview. The best thing about life is learning. Learning to get up after you fell and understand after you fail.
I fail so many times, but everytime I learned something from it. This, to tell you that the fact that I struggled so many times trying to fix something made me realize how stupid arranging things is.
Life was not made to be perfect nor easy.
That’s mainly why I’ve been gone. Because things turned out differently than I expected it to be, I had to take time for myself to focus on goals I wanted to achieve for good and not some kind of distraction to animate my life.

I don’t want my life to be perfect because it’ll never be. However I can make things for it; not to change the course but to make everything memorable.

I want this day to be the date of my blog relaunch. To celebrate this, I would suggest a “chill” post without fancy stuff and discuss about 17 things I learned in my seventeen year old mind.

AND YOU, WHAT DID LIFE TEACH YOU? I would love to know that, so feel free to let a comment in the comment section.
So let’s get to those 17 points now.

1. Being young is priceless.

2. Time is only a unit of measure. You can accomplish as many things as you want in a small amount of time. Minutes, hours and seconds are to me just a concept to limit you.

3. If you believe in yourself, almost everything is possible.

4. Beyoncé is the queen and I’m not gonna discuss on this.

5. Fashion and beauty are like a game with no rules. See over the trends and try to create you own look by incorporating your personality. You like something? Wear it. Don’t forget to try new things, don’t restrict yourself because a magazine said this or that is not trendy anymore.

6. Small details can change something and make it very special.

7. Embrace your figure, your flaws, YOU.

8. Social meadias are a powerful tool. It can stir up hate toward a person or make people love themselves. It’s up to you to choose your side.

9. Sleep and food over anything else.

10. Moving on is always a great idea.

11. A messy bag does not mean “messy life”

12. Working out will always make you feel better.

13. Mom is always right.

14. Never leave youur house without a jacket, especially when it’s cold outside (refer to the 13th point)

15. Eyebrows and lipstick can change an entire look.

16. Taking time for yourself does not mean you are selfish.

17. There are so many more things to learn. Seventeen points cannot summarize lessons life teach you.

I hope you liked reading this. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this in the comment section. Have a great day, love you and see you soon on LivingEdya :).

Edya ♥


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