🎉✨happy new year! ✨🎉

2016 has been such a crazy year for me. So many things happenned this year: I had to learn new things, improve what I already knew, and more. During these 12 months, I’ve been through ups and downs but I’ve finally made it to 2017.

Congrats, you made it to this new year.

New year, new experiences, new people to meet, new opinions, new and fresh start over.

Like a lot of people, I have this habit of making a list of what I have to accomplish, to improve all year long. I know that for some of you it may be basic like “workout more” and stuff, so I thought that making a list of goals that everyone can achieve would be per-fe-ct!

1. Be more open to everyone.

2. Stop judging.

3. Learn new things coming from books.

4. Improve any kind of skills.

5. Embrace your body (if you do not already).

6. Write more.

7. Understand your faults.

8. Say no whenever you feel the need to.

9. Forget when it’s necessary.

10. Enjoy because life is too short. And one day, you’ll wake up and realize how many time you spend on non-important things.

No one can go back and create a new departure, but everyone can start now and create a new end.

The most important thing to know is not when you start, but if you start. Just take your time, and live your life without giving a f* about people’s opinion

I wish you the happiest new year. May this year brings you love, joy, fortune, and even more. You deserve the best. Work to accomplish your craziest and wildest dreams. Let only good people surround you.

I love you from the deepest of my heart. Thank you again for everything, love ❤️


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