things i love about fall-winter

The terrifying month also known as October is over, almost like 2016. This is the last mile before wrapping the year up.
November does not bring up a lot of memories. I just recall it as the cold.
I never really liked cold. I was born in a tropical country Madagascar, always followed by the sun. I did not know what coldness was until that day. When I arrived in France for the first time, It was in winter. I remember quickly slipping away from the plane and It was a shock. I never felt that before: having goose bumps, breathing out thick steam or shivering.

I never really liked cold. But now that I think about all the emotions that day, I have a fondness for this season. Can you imagine a little 5 year old girl discovering Paris and freezing cold at the same time? It was something frightenning but thrilling at the same time. Especially when you arrive in such a big city, with all those blurred light dancing in front of your eyes, with all the noise that the crowd is making.

This instant is a significant moment in my life because It shaped the way I’ve been seeing things. Now that I grew a little bit more, I can truly see how important it is to see something in different angles and shape your own opinion with your own experiences.

I always try to see good in bad – bad in good.
So let me tell you 5 things I love during fall-winter (aka cold) time.

1-Being able to wear winter clothes.

I’m in love with comfy things. If I could spent my entire life in sweatpants, I would. Wearing a big sweater paired with a scarf reminds me a bit of having a blanket on my shoulders. Nothing is better than this duo to fight the cold weather. Obviously, I love all type of turtleneck especially that they’re trending this year. I adore fall colours, yellow mustard, burgundy, green olive because they are so warm: you don’t necessarily have to wear black for cold times!
I really appreciate layering clothes because it’s a fun way to play with fashion, and you must experiment this at least once in your life!


2- Change my diet.

By diet, I do not mean weight-loss plan because I feel good the way I am. By diet, I mean what I eat. With christmas holidays coming and halloween gone, my alimentation is put to the test. What I love about winter coming is not only the fact that I have to eat a lot (I have to admit that it does not bother me), it’s the fact that I have to taste new things. Spicy, sweet, sour, salty, bitter and I could go on. Everyone find their happiness.
I also try to eat healthier for this time of the year because I do not like to feel bloated. Sometimes there are a lot of temptations but I try to reason to stay as fit as possible.


3-Long days.

I’m not a morning person, but I try to live and enjoy my day to the fullest. As soon as I wake up, I try to plan my day even though I have my routine (school-home), and I really like to do everything on my list to feel more satisfied. I love being motivated especially when I’m not in a good mood, and longer days kicks my butt.



I love spending time with my family and having fun. To me fall and winter rhymes with two things only: halloween and christmas! I love these festivities. All of those lights in the streets, christmas songs, christmas tree… people being so nice and grateful makes me so happy.
Crunchy leaves in fall are replaced by white snow in winter. I looove snow. It does not snow that much where I live… but I’m like a child when it comes to build a snowman and stuff. And these moments remind me good times, and christmas holiday so much.


5-Watch movies.

I’m not really the type of person who watch TV because in my opinion, there’s only negativity there. The only time I watch TV is when it gets colder because they are such good movies. Not only christmas movies, there are a lot of different films to watch.


And you? What are your favorites things of the fall/winter time?
I see you in my next article, in the meantime, take care. I love you.

Edya ♥



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