top 5 on my bucket list

Hello sweethearts and welcome back on LivingEdya. As always, It’s a pleasure to see you again. How was your day?

First, I am so sorry that I did not post last Sunday, I didn’t feel right. I’m not really in a “good” mood this time so…
This week has been gloomy. Starting the week with a weight on my back and fatigue. I could epitomize these days by sitting on a chair drunk of lapping up people’s says. Back at home, I would dive into some tedious homework.
A few day passed with the same state of mind; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were dull. I just hope that everything will be better.


Since a very young age, I loved to touch everything, I always loved  discovering new things.
I would always scrawl some stuffs on this old notebook about things that I want to do in my life, goals I want to achieve or places I want to go to.

Today, I just wanted to do a more relax post and write down my Top 5 on my Bucket list even if I have more than 56 pages of dreams.

  1. Travel all around the world.
    Travelling is on of the most important thing in my life. I want to see the world, and what it has to offer to me. I want to see different cultures, different lands, and new people. I could talk about my passion for travelling for hours, but It’s an another story to tell.
  2. Meet Beyoncé or Jerome Jarre or Kristina Bazan.
    These people are my everyday inspiration and people I always look up at. It’s very hard to define your real personnality and having people that have the same perspective as you do is always amazing.
  3. Create or help a charity because some people don’t deserve their situation and I truly believe that a little gesture can change someone’s life.
  4. Skydive. As a lot of human beings, I would love to fly or just touch the clouds and feel the wind carrying me. I would love to do it for my 18.
  5. Speak fluently and perfectly as many languages as possible. Speaking is an art that I would love to master.

I know that this article was really short, but I put my heart in it. I’m sorry if my posting schedule is variable these time and It will still be in the following weeks. It’s just that I don’t have time to manage everything, and even though I adore my blog, It must be in the background for the moment. I usually do not stress because I know I can control things that are happenning but now It’s just too much to take all at once.

I’m sorry for that, but It’s for my mental health. I hope you liked this article, and I see you soon on LivingEdya. I love you, take care. ♥


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