la musique adoucit les moeurs

Hello wordpress and welcome back on LivingEdya!
This week was really tough but thank god, I can make a little debrief and It’s finally the weekend!

Growing up, I was always fascinated by start of the school and what it has to offer to us. As a little girl, I waited patiently for the holidays to end so I could appreciate the joy of buying and having loads of new stuffs.I wasn’t nervous at all, I was excited to see all my friends, start a new year, see my teachers, and discover new things.
I remember It as It was yesterday, waking up with my hair dishevelled, still a bit sleepy but with a huge smile on my face.

When I was a child –I kinda still consider myself as It is- I tried to see positivity in everyting. So that’s why I was always thrilled by going back to school. It’s the best moment to start all over again, to prove yourself that you can change, to set some new goals, to experiment new things and to achieve your main purpose.
Now that I’m older, I still feel the same about this time of the year. I’m still the happiest girl in the world when I get to see all my friends, when I set up new objectives and more.

Obviously, this euphoria fade away in a few days because you have to get used to a routine.
As I live “far” from my school, I have to wake up earlier than the other 5 or 6 am It depends and I must say that sometimes It’s tiresome but life was not made to be easy.

It’s my second year in highschool and I couldn’t express my delight to be there.I love this environment because people are more mature, and It’s a place where teachers train you to become your future “YOU” and to think “out of the box”.
Thanks to my first year in this place, I became more analytical about my place in the society, the world and what is surrounding me everyday.

As I told you a few lines ago, my ride to go to school can take 1 or sometimes 2 hours. Something has to accompany myself, so let me introduce you to my the most loyal friend ever: music 🎶.
I love music since my youngest age. It gives a rythmn to my life. I adore putting my headphones and cut myself off for a little while.

That’s why, today I’m presenting you my top 20 songs to listen during a long ride, yay!
I listen to most of my music on my phone with an app called iMusic (on appstore here!) or on spotify.
Some musics aren’t available on Spotify or on iMusic so I download them via Itunes, so the link that I put will redirect you to Deezer to listen to a short part of the music or on youtube where the singer perform in live.
Also, one of my friend has also a blog (here!) and he shares a music per day. I discover a lot of songs thanks to him.

  1. Fast car-Dakota ft Jonas Blue
  2. Dark times-The Weeknd ft Ed Sheeran
  3. Echoes-Odesza ft PY
  4. All night-Beyoncé
  5. Some kind of drugs-G eazy
  6. Influence-Tove Lo ft Wiz Khalifa
  7. Gold digger-Kanye West ft Jamie Foxx
  8. LUV-Tory Lanez
  9. My PYT-Wale
  10. I want you back-The Jackson 5
  11. Whole Heart-Gryffin ft Bipolar Sunshine
  12. DnF-P Reign
  13. Could you be loved-Bob Marley
  14. Glory and Gore-Lorde
  15. Reach for the stars-Major Lazer
  16. Electric Feel-MGMT
  17. Truly madly deeply-Savage Garden
  18. Thinking ’bout you-Frank Ocean
  19. Seven nation army-The White Stripes
  20. Drop in the ocean-OMI


I hope you liked this post and you discovered a few musics! I see you next time, take care. I love you ♥


6 thoughts on “la musique adoucit les moeurs

  1. Good job again, nice read… always interesting.
    Thanks a lot for talking about my tumblr. I already look forward to reading the next article 😉
    ~ LivingEdya x Neon&Sound ~


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